Tranquil Touch Equine Massage
and Acupressure

Gail working on Vinny (The New Yorker) owned by Bianca Buschor

I am located near the beautiful village of Chagrin Falls, Ohio and work on horses throughout the year.  I combine massage therapy with acupressure and energy work as well as red light therapy and essential oils.  I pride myself with being patient during my sessions while working with the "sensitivity" of the horse and allowing them to work with me not against me.
Contact me at 440-289-1644 to set up an appointment  session with your horse.
Horses are very sensitive to touch.
Think about it - your horse can feel a
fly land on his back and will twitch
his skin or swish his tail to shoo the
fly away. Because a horse is so sensi-
tive to touch, especially when in pain,
they respond well to massage. Used as
an enhancement to traditional veteri-
nary medicine, the benefits of thera-
peutic massage and acupressure are
numerous, yielding both immediate
and long-term results. Massage and
acupressure can help gauge if a horse
has a problem brewing and in many
cases can even help prevent injury.

While the benefits can be outstand-
ing, both therapeutic massage and
acupressure are evaluation tools, not
diagnostic tools, and are not substi-
tutes for traditional veterinary medi-
cine. They complement and even
enhance many veterinary treatments,
and as a means of prevention they can
help improve the horse's quality of life
and performance ability.
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